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Sdorica -sunset- pixiv illustration contest

Privacy Policy


Rayark Japan Inc. (hereafter referred to as the Company) will hold the Sdorica -sunset- illustration contest (hereafter referred to as the contest) at pixiv, the web community platform for illustrators that is run by pixiv Inc.

Notice:Please read the following information carefully and agree to the terms before you submit your work to the contest. Upon submission via the method stated in "How to participate", the submission will serve as an acceptance of the terms outlined throughout this entire document


(1) If your entry (nickname included), falls into the statements below, you will be disqualified. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry (nickname included) if it is determined to be in violation of the rules even after having been selected as a winner. We reserve the right to withdraw the prize and take corresponding legal actions.

- Works that violate the ownership rights of the Company, our affiliated partners, pixiv Inc, pixiv users and other third parties; as well as intellectual property rights, including copyright, privilege, trust, and other privacy rights.

- Works that contain obscenity, torture, discrimination, explicit sexual themes, and other elements that are potentially offensive.

- Works that violate public order and morals.

- Works that the company decides are unsuitable for public display.

- Any works based on existing work/goods, works/goods scheduled to be released, works/goods that have already been submitted for other contests, or works/goods that have already won other contests.

- Works that missed or filled in incorrect information for a required part.

- Works that the Company finds disagreeable with adequate reason.

(2) Contestants own all right to their artwork/creations. However, if a winning work is chosen to be used by the Company, the rights and ownership will be transferred to the Company or its affiliated businesses. The Company and its affiliated businesses can use the work freely. (3) Winners will not exercise “author’s personal rights” against the Company as well as the Company’s related parties.

(4) Contestants will not be individually informed when the selection results are available. All results will be announced on pixiv’s and Sdorica -sunset-'s official website. Winners’ works and pixiv nicknames (partially or entirely) may be announced on pixiv’s official Twitter, Facebook, and other social network accounts as well as Sdorica -sunset-'s official website, websites operated by the Company or its affiliated businesses, and SNS accounts.

(5) Contestants, regardless if they win or not, may have their entries, comments, pixiv nicknames (partially or entirely), posted to pixiv’s official Twitter, Facebook, and other social network accounts as well as published in the Company or its affiliated businesses' websites, games, SNS accounts, and other media such as magazines or books. Work will be displayed at exhibitions at contestant’s consent. Minor adaptations and edits of the work may be done when posting.

(6) Contestants who remove their entries during the contest will forfeit the contest and their work will no longer be accepted as an entry.

(7) The Company will not be responsible for any charges contestants may incur during the submission of their entry.

(8) The Company will use the contest information solely for the purpose of communicating with the contestants during the selection process. In addition, the Company will protect individuals’ information according to our privacy policy. Our privacy policy is in line with the Personal Data Protection Act. URL:

(9) For winners of the contest, the Company will contact you personally in the future regarding your selection and the process of obtaining your award. After we contacted you, if the Company failed to receive a reply within a certain amount of time, the Company will be unable to grant you the award and the corresponding prize money. Thank you for your consideration.


(1) Contestants assume responsibility for their own submissions.

(2) The Company will not be responsible for any disputes regarding this contest's submission, selection or conflicts between the contestants and other users, regardless of reason.

(3) The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the contest in case the Company or pixiv Inc. deems it necessary for any reason, including system maintenance.

(4) The Company will not be liable for any damages incurred by the contestants, including but not limited to contest interruption, suspension, or cancellation.

Support Issues:

(1) If you have any questions or feedback about the contest, feel free our customer service at

(2) Please include your email address, nickname, inquiry, and the subject “Sdorica -sunset- pixiv illustration contest" before submitting your support request.

(3) Replies will not be given to any phone calls regarding support issues.

(4) Replies will not be given to any questions regarding the contest results.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

The contest and its terms shall be governed by Japanese law. Furthermore, the Tokyo District Court shall be the mutually-agreed court for any proceedings, with jurisdiction for the preliminary trial in the case of any disputes over contest terms or matters between the Company and the contestants.

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